The Mighty Sound of Maryland provides a college experience like no other, performing at every home football game, traveling to at least one game per year, and creating the loudest and most dedicated Terrapin cheering section anywhere!

All majors are welcome!

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AUDITIONS: No auditions for wind players or color guard. Complete the official MSOM commitment form that is distributed in July. To ensure you get the commitment form, fill out the questions below!

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Read what our current members have to say...

MSOM  is a great way to make lots of friends and have a second family at UMD. Performing on game day is just a small perk that MSOM offers. You'll make great memories and connections with people that you wont ever forget.
David Massey
Alto Saxophone
School of Business
MSOM has been an amazing way to escape from all the studying once in a while, and to hang out with everyone in the band! It is a great way to make new friends and be a part of the UMD community.
Eric Van
Mellophone Player
College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences
Joining MSOM was no doubt the best decision I have made. MSOM gives you instant friends and gives you the opportunity to meet fellow classmates in your class. Throughout my first semester, I have made a ton of friends and I can say my closest friends are in the band. I highly recommend joining MSOM because you get to be a part of something awesome on campus.  
Samuel Dickstein
Trumpet Player
School of Public Health
MSOM is an incredible way to make friends at the University of Maryland. Before coming to college I wasn't sure whether or not I'd join, but I'm really glad I did. I never thought I could make over a dozen new friends in just one week. Without my experience in MSOM, it's hard to imagine what college would be like or how I would even create half as many friendships as I have. If you like band and want to share an incredible experience with incredible people, the Mighty Sound of Maryland is a great place to do it!
Jordan Kim
Mellophone Player
College of Agricultural and Natural Resources
When I was choosing a college to attend, the main thing I was looking for was a strong engineering program. However, the second thing I wanted was to be in a marching band.  I had already done marching band for four years, and I wasn't ready to give it up.  I am beyond happy that I joined!  I did not do well adjusting to college at first, but having this large group of people in band to help me when I was lost or confused was the best thing that could have happened to me.  Beyond that, band was a nice escape from the craziness of classes.  The two hour rehearsals, although tiring, were a great time to access my musical outlet and be with my friends.  And on top of everything, nothing beats the feeling of when you step out onto the field on game day for your first pregame show.  The pregame and halftime shows you put on, no matter how tired or stressful you feel from practicing them, are truly amazing and help you leave your mark on campus.  So whether you're an incoming freshman or a returning student to UMD, I highly recommend looking into joining the Mighty Sound of Maryland!
Eric Stigliano
Trumpet Player
School of Engineering
MSOM is such an inclusive and supportive environment. It's crazy how so many people who embrace different musical abilities, study different majors, and come from so many different backgrounds are able to bond over a unique activity. As a member of the Mighty Sound of Maryland, I am definitely not the best player or marcher, but everyone is here to help you learn and perform the best, even though you may be super clumsy or not a music major.  We have also gotten to travel with the band to places like Detroit and perform at the Kennedy Center!! I have met so many amazing people through this organization and with the connections I have made, I definitely will not forget the impact that this marching band has left on me during my college years.
Alex Ostrander
Baritone Player
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences